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  • 12May
    Damage of Long-term Non-maintenance

    Diesel generators need to be maintained regularly. What damage will cause if they can not be maintained regularly? Battery: if the battery is not protected for a long time, the electrolyte water evaporation will not be timely compensation, not equipped with a start battery charger, battery long...

  • 07May
    Little Malfunctions Solutions of Radiators

    1.Pump leakage Because generator is matched with an aluminum water pump,  sometimes it is not tight. The surface of the water seal should be smooth,or be turned 180° before installation and use.The thrust rubber band should be replaced if it is damaged, swelle...

  • 05May
    Engine temperature too high

    Excessive engine water temperature usually causes the coolant in the radiator to boil, the power drops, the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases, and the friction between engine parts increases, and it can even cause serious failures such as engine cylinder pull and cylinder head gasket burnin...

  • 04May
    Aircooled and watercooled generators difference

    Air-cooled generator is a generator with a single-cylinder engine or a double-cylinder engine. One or more large fans are used to force the exhaust air to dissipate heat against the generator. Generally, gasoline generators and small diesel generators are the main ones.Air-cooled generators need to ...

  • 01May
    How to Check And Repair The Radiator

    Radiator failure and reason The main failure of radiator is leakage. The main reasons include that fan broken or tilt during operation, causing the radiator to be injured.If the radiator is not fixed, causing the diesel engine to crack the joint of the radiator during operation.And the cooling water...

  • 29Apr
    Remote Cooling System

    Heat exchanger: Its main function is heat transfer and exchange.It is a kind of heat exchanger formed by pressing thin metal plates into corrugated heat exchange plates , then stacking and fastening them with splints and bolts.Thin rectangular channels are formed between various plates for heat exch...

  • 28Apr
    Antifreeze For Diesel Generator

    Antifreeze is an important heat dissipation medium for generator.It can not only prevent freezing of the radiator, which will not freeze and expand and burst in winter,but also can cool the engine.It is obvious in using antifreeze as a circulating cooling liquid when the engine is run...

  • 27Apr
    How to use diesel generator set in plateau section

    1. According to the recent experiments,exhaust gas turbocharging  can be used as the power compensation for diesel engines used in plateau areas. Exhaust gas turbocharging can not only compensate for plateau power, but also improve the smoke color, restore power performance and reduce fuel...

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