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Little Malfunctions Solutions of Radiators

Little Malfunctions Solutions of Radiators


1.Pump leakage

Because generator is matched with an aluminum water pump,  sometimes it is not tight. The surface of the water seal should be smooth,or be turned 180° before installation and use.The thrust rubber band should be replaced if it is damaged, swelled, deformed, lack of elasticity or broken.Please remember not to press the bandage spring to death during the installation.

2. Thermostat damaged

If the generator water temperature is too high, it is generally due to the failure of the thermostat, which slows down the flow rate of the coolant in the large circulation, and needs to buy a new thermostat to replace it.

3.Fan belt cracking

If the fan belt is damaged, the radaitor should be shut down immediately for replacement. If there are no for replacement at the moment, two small holes can be drilled at both ends of the original fan belt, and then the broken belt can be connected with thick metal wire for emergency use. It should be noted that proper spacing should be kept between the drilled hole and the cross section to prevent the hole from being pulled apart. The metal wire joint should be left on the outside of the belt, and the belt should not be adjusted too tightly. If the fan belt is severely damaged and cannot be connected,can tie up the rope, cloth belt, or leather belt with iron wire and weaved into a belt for temporary use. Pay special attention to the length and thickness the they should be the same as the original belt, the rope should be clamped in the center and tied.

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