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Damage of Long-term Non-maintenance

Damage of Long-term Non-maintenance


Diesel generators need to be maintained regularly. What damage will cause if they can not be maintained regularly?

Battery: if the battery is not protected for a long time, the electrolyte water evaporation will not be timely compensation, not equipped with a start battery charger, battery long-term natural discharge power decline.

Oil : oil has shelf life,if not used for a long time, the physical and chemical function of the oil will change, constitute the diesel generator set operation cleanliness will deteriorate, will cause damage to the unit parts.

Cooling system :If the cooling system is wrong, it will cause two results.

The cooling effect is not good and the water temperature in the generator is too high and shut down;

The radiator leaks and the water level drops, and the diesel generator will not work properly.

Fuel:The increase in the accumulation of carbon deposits in the gas distribution system will inevitably affect the fuel injection volume of the fuel injection nozzle, resulting in insufficient fuel injection nozzle combustion, uneven fuel injection volume of each cylinder of the engine, and poor working conditions. Stablize.

Fuel tank: The water vapor in the air entering the diesel generator will condense under the change of temperature, forming water droplets and hanging on the inner wall of the fuel tank. When the water droplets flow into the diesel oil, the water content of the diesel oil will exceed the standard. After the diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil pump of the engine, it will corrode the precision coupling parts, and if it is serious, it will damage the unit.

Three filters: During the working process of the diesel generator, oil or impurities will be deposited on the wall of the filter screen, and long-term maintenance will reduce the filtering function of the filter. If there is too much deposition, the oil circuit will not be dredged. When the equipment is working, it will not be available and cannot be used properly because of no oil.

If the silent diesel generator is used for too long, the line connector may become loose, which requires regular inspection.

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