ISUZU 50/60Hz 20-55kVA
ISUZU 50/60Hz 20-55kVA
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ISUZU 50/60Hz 20-55kVA

/ISUZU JE493DB 50Hz/20kVA 60Hz/25kVA ISUZU Diesel generator

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ISUZU JE493DB 50Hz/20kVA 60Hz/25kVA ISUZU Diesel generator

18/20kW 22/25kVA@50Hz, 20/22kW 25/28kVA@60Hz
  • Genset Model:

  • Prime/Standby Power@50Hz:

    18/20kW 22/25kVA
  • Prime/Standby Power@60Hz:

    20/22kW 25/28kVA
  • Cylinder *Bore*Stroke/Displacement:

  • Alternator Style/Model:

  • Controller Brand/Model:

    MITSUI 6120
  • Fuel Consumption(50/60Hz):

    5.7/6.5L/h @ 100% load
  • Coolant/Lubrication/Fuel tank Capacity:

  • Open type size/Weight:

  • Sound proof size/Weight:

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We focus on Alternator and Diesel Generator Set, power range from 5kVA to 2500kVA. Also can supply ISUZU/AoLing/YunNei/Ricardo diesel engine, Aircooled Gasoline/Diesel generator.

ISUZU Diesel Generator Set
ISUZU JE493DB 50Hz/25kVA 60Hz/30kVA ISUZU Diesel generator

20/22kW 25/28kVA@50Hz, 24/26kW 30/33kVA@60Hz

ISUZU Diesel Generator Set
ISUZU JE493ZDB 50Hz/30kVA 60Hz/40kVA ISUZU Diesel generator

24/26kW 30/33kVA@50Hz, 30/33kW 38/41kVA@60Hz

ISUZU Diesel Generator Set
ISUZU JE493ZLDB 50Hz/40kVA 60Hz/50kVA ISUZU Diesel generator

32/36kW 40/45kVA@50Hz, 40/44kW 50/55kVA@60Hz

LOVOL Diesel Generator Set
LOVOL L2670C-P175 50Hz 160kW 200kVA Power LOVOL diesel engines for sale

Prime Power 160kW/200kVA Standby Power 176kW/220kVA

FAWDE Diesel Generator Set
FAWDE CA4DF2-14D 60Hz 88kW 110kVA Power FAWDE generator Philippines

Prime Power 88kW/110kVA Standby Power 96kW/120kVA

Gasoline generator
2000 watt 6.5hp portable gasoline generator price

EX200 6.5hp engine, Low Noise, Long running time

FAWDE Diesel Generator Set
FAWDE CA6DF2-17D 50Hz 100kW 125kVA Power FAWDE oil fliter

Prime Power 100kW/125kVA Standby Power 112kW/140kVA

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