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Aircooled and watercooled generators difference

Aircooled and watercooled generators difference


Air-cooled generator is a generator with a single-cylinder engine or a double-cylinder engine. One or more large fans are used to force the exhaust air to dissipate heat against the generator. Generally, gasoline generators and small diesel generators are the main ones.Air-cooled generators need to be installed in open cabins, which are noisy; Air-cooled generators have simple structure, low failure rate, good starting performance, and less air required the fan has low power consumption and low fuel consumption, and there is no danger of freeze cracking or overheating, which is conducive to maintenance; Thermal load and mechanical load limit, power is generally relatively small. 

Water-cooled generators are mainly four-cylinder, six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder and other large units. The water circulates inside and outside the body, and the heat generated inside the body is taken away through the radiator and the fan. There are many large-scale water-cooled generators.The water-cooled generator is complex in structure, relatively difficult to manufacture, and has many requirements on the environment. When used in plateaus, it is necessary to consider the use of power reduction and the reduction of the boiling point of coolant water. A certain proportion of additives can improve the boiling point and freezing point; the cooling effect of water-cooled generator  is ideal, the motor with the same technical parameters, the water-cooled motor is small in size, light in weight, high in energy density, and good in heat transfer performance; high-power generators are generally water-cooled power.

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