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How to Check And Repair The Radiator

How to Check And Repair The Radiator


Radiator failure and reason

The main failure of radiator is leakage. The main reasons include that fan broken or tilt during operation, causing the radiator to be injured.If the radiator is not fixed, causing the diesel engine to crack the joint of the radiator during operation.And the cooling water contains too much impurities and salt,so that the pipe wall is seriously corroded and damage.

Inspection after radiator damage

When radiator has leakage, shall clean the outside of the radiator for checking. During the inspection, except leaving one water inlet or outlet, block all the other ports, put the radiator into the water, and then use an air pump or high-pressure air cylinder to inject about 0.5kg/cm2 of compressed air from the water inlet or outlet , If bubbles are found, it means that there are cracks or breakages.

Radiator repair

1.Before repairing the upper and lower water tanks of the radiator, please clean the leaking parts, then use a metal brush or scraper to thoroughly remove the metal paint and rust, and then repair it with solder. If there is a large area of leakage at the fixing screws of the upper and lower tanks,can remove them, and then remade two new tanks. Before assembly, apply adhesive or sealant on the the gasket, and then fix it with screws.

2.Repair of radiator water pipes. If the radiator outer water pipe  is slightly damaged, can repair by soldering. If the damage is large, needle-nose pliers can be used to clamp the pipe heads on both sides of the damaged pipe to prevent leakage. However, the number of blocked water pipes should not be too much, otherwise, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator. If the radiator internal tubes are damaged, the upper and lower water tanks should be removed, and then replace or weld the tubes. After assembly,the radiator should be re-checked for water leakage.

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