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How to use diesel generator set in plateau section

How to use diesel generator set in plateau section


1. According to the recent experiments,exhaust gas turbocharging  can be used as the power compensation for diesel engines used in plateau areas. Exhaust gas turbocharging can not only compensate for plateau power, but also improve the smoke color, restore power performance and reduce fuel consumption.

2. As the altitude increases, the ambient temperature is also lower than that in the plains. Generally, the ambient temperature drops by about 0.6 degrees Celsius for every 1000M increase. In addition, due to the thin plateau air, the engine starting performance is worse than that in the plains. When using,please take auxiliary starting measures corresponding to low temperature starting.

3. The cooling system is harder to take function than in the plain due to the reduced air pressure and cooling air quality , and the increase of cooling per kilowatt per unit of time .Generally, it is not advisable to use an open cooling cycle in high altitude, and  pressurized closed cooling system can be used to improve the boiling point of coolant in plateau use.

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