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Antifreeze For Diesel Generator

Antifreeze For Diesel Generator

Antifreeze is an important heat dissipation medium for generator.It can not only prevent freezing of the radiator, which will not freeze and expand and burst in winter,but also can cool the engine.It is obvious in using antifreeze as a circulating cooling liquid when the engine is running.

Choose an antifreeze with a suitable freezing point. Generally, the freezing point of the selected antifreeze is best to be 10 ℃ lower than the local minimum temperature, leaving a lot space to prevent a sudden drop in temperature.

In winter, we must use a suitable antifreeze to avoid the corrosion of the radiator pipe and cause bladder leakage.Slowly loosen the cap, and wait until all the steam is exhausted before opening the cap to avoid burns.Replace the antifreeze regularly, and prevent leakage when adding it. There are several kinds of red, green and blue. It is easy to find when it leaks. Once it is found, wipe off and check the leak.Different brands of antifreeze must not be mixed, and the manufacturer's designated antifreeze must be added, otherwise it will cause a chemical reaction and corrode the generator .

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